Sunday, July 14th, 2024


Medical research expands our understanding, betters the way we live, and saves lives. However, equipment and patient access are not free. The research carried out by the labs and teams with which I collaborate is particularly expensive because we have to use brain imaging machines and clinical electrophysiological recording setups, across multiple hospitals. Also, complex data analysis and storage requires fast precision workstations and servers.

Please consider donating financial resources or scientific equipment, to enable more research into the secrets of the brain.

  • Perhaps you are excited by this type of research and want to facilitate it.
  • Perhaps you have a family member with epilepsy, with language difficulties, or with another brain-related ailment.
  • Perhaps you have a brain-related project you have always wanted to see done but did not know who could help you do it.
  • Whatever your reasons, please make contact.
  • Donating to ongoing research is a great way to multiply the impact of your resources on the world, and to multiple the effectiveness of the research you support.

You can email to discuss various options, and how you can best impact science. Your assistance will be extremely appreciated!!

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