Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Join Forces

Lets join forces in pursuit of scientific truth about the human mind!

The brain is astoundingly beautiful and dizzyingly complex. We are far from understanding the fundamental way(s) the brain represents and coordinates information, and computes what it needs to, to make us human.

Sometimes I feel like we neuroscientists are an ant colony that have come across a cell phone. We’ve poked and prodded it, tried to disassemble it, observed when and at what frequency it quakes, and the noises and pulses it sometimes makes. Yet, we are frustratingly unable to grasp what is truly going on inside.

At least not yet!

I believe collaborations have supralinear benefits to both/all sides, so i hope visitors to this site will suggest some.

This could mean: sharing of analysis and visualization tools, small conferences, cross-lab research projects and papers, data sharing, shared access to ICE patients, joint grant proposals, brainstorm sessions, introducing colleagues to each other’s work, presenting to each other’s research groups, etc. If any of these grabs you, please email!

If you would like to join forces, please do not hesitate to contact me any time with ideas, even if they are in the early conceptual stage.

Looking forward to late-night idea sessions!


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