Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Participate in a Study

Donate your brain to science while you are still alive?

Don’t worry – i know you still need it.

So, let me take a picture of it! Incidentally, you will get a heck of a screensaver. (Not to mention that if the research goes well, it might result in a lifesaver!)

For most experiments you will lie comfortably in a scanner, looking at a computer screen, and do simple tasks involving words and sentences. One type of scanner (fMRI) makes a loud noise, while the other (MEG) is zenfully silent. You will be paid for your time.

NOTE: Experiments using my other method, ICE, are not for healthy volunteers. Only people who are already about to have brain surgery, and who will have electrodes placed to inform the surgeon of the exact targets for the surgery, ever participate in this research. (We cannot thank them enough for donating their time to research during such an important episode in their lives!)

Update: Currently, no experiments are accepting new volunteers. If you would like to participate in a future study, please fill out the MRI pre-screening form. We will contact you in the future. Thank you very much for your interest!


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